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The most Flikka "Radical" shape!

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In general, we divide constructions into S-glass, carbon, and Dyneema. Each of these constructions can be made in light/regular/hardcore version.

is our most popular construction that works best for the majority of riders. It’s a Combination of S-glass, biaxial carbon and Dyneema fibers which are strategically positioned where their characteristics are most needed- X-carbon construction over the standing area, Dyneema nose and an additional layer of s-glass on the rails. It offers the best combination of strength, impact resistance and price.

S-glass construction is available in 3 versions:
LIGHT: our lightest construction where board weights can get under 5 kg. Suitable for wave riding oriented riders who don’t jump much.
REGULAR: most all-around construction. Combines low weight, high strength, and good impact resistance. Suitable for all types of riders and all conditions.
HARDCORE: our strongest s-glass construction, made for big jumps and heavy landings. Suitable for riders who jump a lot. Build to last.

If you need a responsive board then carbon is the right option. Strong for big surface area hits (landings) and extra stiff (be sure your knees and ankles will like it). We recommend these constructions for freestyle, slalom, freeride and bigger freewave boards, where lightweight and high-performance response is important.

Carbon construction is available in 3 versions:
LIGHT: Full high-grade biaxial carbon bottom and deck. These boards are perfect for all who appreciate light, stiff and reactive carbon feeling. More fragile than S-glass constructions and weaker because of high stiffness. Ideal for those searching for super early planning and high-performance oriented board that will be handled with care.
REGULAR: full biaxial deck and bottom with additional plain carbon reinforced deck, this construction is stronger than Light version and therefore better for boards that will be jumped more and ridden harder. Perfect for freestyle boards and slalom boards.
HARDCORE: Full biaxial carbon deck combined with s-glass and unidirectional carbon bottom. Super strong carbon board that can take some big jumps and flat landings. Ideal for HC freestylers who abuse their board in power moves.

boards are perfect for riders who are looking for more impact resistant boards. If your sessions regularly end on sharp rocks, then these constructions are the solution.

Dyneema construction is available in 3 versions:
LIGHT: Full superlight Dyneema deck and bottom with unidirectional carbon reinforcements. A bit heavier then Light s-glass and carbon, but more flexible and much more impact resistant. Ideal for those searching for wave riding oriented board that can also take some beating on the rocks.
REGULAR: Combines low weight, high strength and with full Dyneema deck and bottom it has excellent impact resistance. Stronger then Light, so it’s also good for riders that jump a lot. Suitable for all types of riders and all conditions.
HARDCORE: Our strongest construction. Full Dyneema deck and bottom, combined with biaxial and unidirectional carbon reinforcements. Can take big jumps and sharp rocks. Stronger than HC carbon. 2-year production and breakage warranty.

CORE line
Quad boards are made of S-glass-regular construction that offers the best mix.

Possible weight tolerances of ± 7%. Dyneema constuction is aprox. 150g heavier. Additional fin box add 200g. Heel bumper footpads add 100g. Additional foot-strap inserts add 50g.
* available in CORE line

As we searched the market for the best fin boxes and fins we came to the conclusion that we need to develop our own. With in house developed carbon made fin boxes, we achieved a much stronger and lighter solution that plays a crucial role in multi fin boards. We always suggest the number of fin boxes for every model but you can choose yourself the solution that works best for you. Depending on the model and size of the board we suggest a certain type of fin box (slot box, US box, power box, or tuttle box), but you can choose your preference.


comes with 4 boxes. If you need extra versatility you can order it with 5 boxes and combine different setups.
We produce different types of G10 fins. Our default fins option for a QUAD is:

Front/back: medium type fins (02) with slot box
but you can also choose hard (06) – more early planning/speed oriented,
or soft (04) – down the line oriented or asymmetric (505) type – for tighter turning.

Each product is good only as its weakest part. For this reason, we take a lot of effort to take care of every possible detail.

foam comes from a factory that is only 3 km away from our workshop. Together we developed and tested a special EPS foam that has the best characteristics for a windsurfing/SUP/paddle board. Due to the short travel distance of this voluminous, we are proud that we make a smaller negative impact on the nature that makes windsurfing a special sport.

We use highest grade divinycell foams in different density and thickness.

We make use of our own developed inox inserts that come with all of our boards. Over the years this system has proven to be 100% reliable and you won’t ever experience a broken screw or insert.

We use 4 screws per strap on the front and back foot-straps. We usually recommend 2 insert positions for back and front. More inserts are possible but usually not needed. Regular stance on wave boards is 42,5/45/47,5 cm, but all other options are possible.

HINT: For smaller riders we suggest 40/42,5/45cm. For taller riders, we suggest 45/47,5/50cm.

You can also choose only one position as it saves some weight. And most people prefer just one foot-strap position anyway.
The board comes equipped with soft, durable and adjustable Flikka foot-straps. One important advantage of our custom boards is the flexibility to choose your own foot strap width. Regular is 15cm, but you can order a smaller or larger width.

You can choose white or black footpads with the option to have built in hell bumpers. There is also the option to choose white with tail-kick (no hell bumpers).

You can choose between a regular valve screw or a Gore-Tex valve. Both options work fine and it is up to your preference what your board will have. Gore-Tex valve breath air all the time, so the pressure is always optimal. It is recommended by the supplier to be replaced every two years.


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The most Flikka "Radical" shape!


  • Product Reference: FLIKKABOARDS
  • Price: 1 890,00
  • Product Width: 80.00 cm
  • Product Height: 250.00 cm
  • Product Depth: 10.00 cm
  • Product Weight: 10.00 kg
  • Description: The most Flikka "Radical" shape!