About us

Wave-dogs Distribution borned for on-line worldwide distribution of windusrf, sup and kitesurfing products.

Our company

We are the manufacturers of Reptile-masts / Reptile-sup (100% made in Italy), also other masts brands (Point 7, Loft, AvantiSails, etc.) and further official and exclusive distributors of other brands. In Italy and worldwide for over 15 years we rely on the experience and quality of the brands handled to ensure maximum reliability and quality of the items offered throughout the store.

Our team

Andea Cella - C.E.O. Brand manager Reptile

Massimiliano Longo - Web sales agent and Italian distributor


Reg. Office: Via Gian Lorenzo Cipriani, 43 - 34170 Gorizia

P.IVA: IT01070740319