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The NEW "Compact" wave sail - 4 battens.

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The Wave Machine Seal presents itself with the well known range of use, but does surprise with new abilities for 2020. Thanks to the redesigned geometry the 4-batten-compact wave sail shows even easier handling and improved on/off. With its vast wind range and effortless control the Seal does not only perform in radical wave manoeuvres but does also prove amazing high wind capabilities. We could transfer many aspects from the development of the premium Wave Sail SEAL Membrane to its little brother, the SEAL.


4 - Batten sail with reduced weight
Compact outline with improved ON/OFF
Offset Clew: two eyelets allow adaptation of the sail for more power or control
Multidirectional X-Ply combined with super light but tough Square Ply in the top
Preference for RDM, but SDM still possible


sizeboomluffmastvario topbattens
3.2 143 345 340/370 adjustable 4
3.5 146 350 340/370 adjustable 4
3.7 149 357 340/370 adjustable 4
4.0 152 362 340/370 adjustable 4
4.2 156 367 340/370 adjustable 4
4.5 160 382 370 fixed 4
4.7 164 386 370 fixed 4
5.0 169 393 370 fixed 4
5.3 176 414 400 fixed 4
5.7 180 422 400 fixed 4

Within the redesign we changed the luff curve of the smaller sizes to reduce the body tension and optimize the adaptability of the leech. This does not only increase the control but also the reactivity of the sail. At the same time we flattened the profile below the boom to enable direct reactivity. Thanks to the optimized profiling the sail feels even lighter in hands and has absolute neutrality while wave riding. Through the new assembly of 3 mil square ply we managed to save some weight in the upper area of the sail resulting in further improvement of the handling. Within the construction of the Seal we positioned new Kevlar lines to define the stretch properties and secure the durability of the sail.
Through the redesign the SEAL jumps up to the next level and sets a new scale inside the Gunsails wave range. With its playful handling and exactly the right amount of drive the sail is not only the first choice of our professional wave riders but also for windsurfers of all levels.

" Gli articoli GUN hanno un alto coefficiente di entrata /uscita dal nostro magazzino e sul nostro sito risultano sempre disponibili. Riceviamo una spedizione ogni 7/10 giorni, pertanto questo è il tempo di attesa medio per la consegna di questi articoli. "


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The NEW "Compact" wave sail - 4 battens.


  • Product Name:GUN-SAILS SEAL 2020
  • Product Reference: GUNSAILS
  • Price: 399,00
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  • Description: The NEW "Compact" wave sail - 4 battens.
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