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3 CAM Freerace sail.

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Also the little brother of the GS-R grows up. Year after year the Vector benefits from the continuous development of the GS-R. The PWA registered 3 Cam Freerace engine embodies slalom feeling with the extra lightness and handling. Thus the sail is ideal for all those who are looking for high end performance in top speed and planing power, but apreciate some dampening and comfort.

> High performance freeracer with 3 cams
> 3D Wings Sleeve creating aerodynamically optimized profile, enabling early planing control and highspeed
> Two eyelets with 7 cm distance for individual trim, inner eyelet for better acceleration and top speed, outer eyelet for more fin pressure and increased drive through lulls
> 7/7 Cross Batten Concept, all of them tube battens, for maximum profile stability
> Tack strap to further define downhaul tension
> Lighter construction of batten pockets and monofilm in the sail top allows to further reduce weight
> Neopren cover at the boom opening


sizeboomluffmastvario topcamsbattens
5.0 171/164 408 400 fixed 3 7
5.6 184/177 422 400 fixed 3 7
6.3 191/184 446 430 fixed 3 7
7.1 204/197 454 430 fixed 3 7
7.8 217/210 484 460 fixed 3 7
8.6 230/223 503 490 fixed 3 7
9.2 234/227 514 490 fixed 3 7
9.6 236/229 520 490 fixed 3 7

For the year 2020 the development Team around Renato Morlotti has further reduced the weight of the Vector. This has a noticeable effect on the handling of the sail. This is especially noticeable in jibes and manoeuvres, while the cambers rotate playfully and effortlessly as always.
The Luff Curve of the sail has also been optimized, which enhances the functionality of the Leech. As a result, the windrage expands within one trim and the top speed of the freerace machine is further increased
Thanks to the precisely tuned and pressure point stable profile, the Vector accelerates quickly in the lower wind range. Due to the clever combination of materials, which results in a comfortable damping, the Vector is able to launch itself to top speed in a power-saving and forgiving way. Thus the Vector is the perfect choice for slalom beginners and intermediates, lighter slalom racers and all who are looking for the thrill of speed.

" Gli articoli GUN hanno un alto coefficiente di entrata /uscita dal nostro magazzino e sul nostro sito risultano sempre disponibili. Riceviamo una spedizione ogni 7/10 giorni, pertanto questo è il tempo di attesa medio per la consegna di questi articoli. "


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3 CAM Freerace sail.


  • Product Name:GUN-SAILS VECTOR 2020
  • Product Reference: GUNSAILS
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  • Description: 3 CAM Freerace sail.
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