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La Race pura da competizione.

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The GS-R is our stand out World Cup Racing Sail and embodies limitless performance and top speed. In close cooperation with our PWA Athletes Ben van der Steen and Finian Maynard, Sail Designer Renato has yet again succeeded to elevate the new GS-R into the next level of performance.

High tech sail for ambitious speed or slalom surfers
Maximum profile and pressure point stability allowing ultimate top speed
Perfect aerodynamics due to 3D Wingsleeve and neoprene cover
Newly positioned Triple Offset Clew for maximum trimming flexibility
Tackstrap to further adapt the downhaul tension
Sizes 5.0, 5.6 and 6.0 are RDM only


sizeboomluffmastvario topbattens
5.0 171 409 400 fixed 7
5.6 181 425 400 fixed 7
6.0 184 439 430 fixed 7
6.4 189 449 430 fixed 7
7.1 208 459 430 fixed 8
7.8 215 486 460 fixed 8
8.2 220 490 460 fixed 8
8.6 228 505 490 fixed 8
9.2 233 520 490 fixed 8
9.6 238 524 490/520 fixed 8

The main goal of the current development was to further improve the acceleration and optimize the GS-R’s low wind characteristics. To achieve that, the mast curve was slightly adapted to perfectly fit the batten configuration. The harmony of those two elements improves the reactivity of the leech and the profile stability. The optimization allows more efficiency while pumping, better acceleration in low-wind and the ability to keep the speed in gusty winds. The triple offset clew construction is repositioned and got adapted to the new mastcurve, gives improved power transmission, drive and control.

The square ply material in the top of the sail has been replaced with monofilm which improves the twist and supports the agility and lightness of the leech. Thanks to the intelligent material assembly concept we have saved weight through a higher percentage of monofilm but have not compromised our standards in quality and durability. To further improve weight and sail performance the GS-R is equipped with a prepreg carbon tube.

The GS-R 2018 announces the next step in the slalom and race discipline. It masters the demands of acceleration, top speed and drive like never before. Once again, our world cup racing sails demonstrate the dedication and perfection of our R & D team – sail development as good as it gets.

" Gli articoli GUN hanno un alto coefficiente di entrata /uscita dal nostro magazzino e sul nostro sito risultano sempre disponibili. Riceviamo una spedizione ogni 7/10 giorni, pertanto questo è il tempo di attesa medio per la consegna di questi articoli. "


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La Race pura da competizione.


  • Product Name:GUN-SAILS GS-R 2018
  • Product Reference: GUNSAILS
  • Price: 460,00
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  • Description: La Race pura da competizione.
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