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Vela 2 CAM potente Freeride.

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Introducing the next generation of 2 Cam Power Freeride - EXCEED. The successor of the Sunray sets new standards in lightness, early planing and performance. Probably the most uncomplicated camber sail on the market, does not only exceeds our expectations.

> Early planing 2 roll cam freeride sail
> Reduced boom length for more control and easier manoeuvres
> High pressure point stability and speed
> Cross batten concept for more control
> Monofilm in the top and Tension Frame on the clew reduce weight
> Compatible with RDM mast up to 7.0 with additional RDM camber set
> Two eyelets for individual trimming


sizeboomluffmastvario topcamsbattens
6.0 198/190 436 430 fixed 2 6+1
6.5 203/194 445 430 fixed 2 6+1
7.0 204/196 454 430 fixed 2 6+1
7.5 212/204 470 460 fixed 2 6+1
8.0 215/206 485 460 fixed 2 6+1
8.5 225/218 498 490 fixed 2 6+1
9.5 235/227 518 490 fixed 2 6+1

The Exceed is one of many innovations developed by the GUNSAILS R&D Tarifa. With a new outline, 2 cambers and now only 6 battens, it excels the ability of the Sunray. The new development does not only redefine the handling of the sail but does also improve the wind range, control and overall performance. Thanks to the perfectly balanced profile, the sail gets planing early and accelerates already in the low winds. In manoeuvres the Exceed can be handled playfully and the cambers rotate in an instant. Due to its defined and balanced pressure point the sail can be effortlessly controlled in the higher wind range.
Sizes up to 7.0 can be rigged with both RDM and SDM. The RDM mast gives the sail a slightly softer feeling with more handling. The SDM increases the drive and the wind range. No matter if SDM or RDM, the Exceed keeps its promises and is super easy in terms of rigging.
In order to make the sail as light as possible and ensure the established GUNSAILS quality, there are various Kevlar reinforcements integrated in the sail construction. These control exactly the stretch of the material and guarantee long lasting sail characteristics.
The Exceed is the new freeride appearance in the GUNSAILS range. Whether on land or water, the handling of a camber sail has never been that easy. Nevertheless, it is packed with performance and unique windsurfing capabilities.
Let's Exceed your expectations!

" Gli articoli GUN hanno un alto coefficiente di entrata /uscita dal nostro magazzino e sul nostro sito risultano sempre disponibili. Riceviamo una spedizione ogni 7/10 giorni, pertanto questo è il tempo di attesa medio per la consegna di questi articoli. "


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Vela 2 CAM potente Freeride.


  • Product Name:GUN-SAILS EXCEED 2020
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  • Description: Vela 2 CAM potente Freeride.
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